Challenges faced by the Drug Industry?

-sub-standard drugs are sold in India

-quality is maintained only to those drugs that are to be exported in Western countries

-Reports from CAG (Comptroller & Auditor General) shows that alarmingly high rate of sub-standard drugs are being used in public-funded programmes

-PSC (Parliamentary Standing Committee) reports have found that European countries were selling medicines in India that are not approved in their own country & in developed countries

-Dr. Ranjit Roy Chaudhary committe had recommended making mandatory basic quality testing like bioequivalence for all generic drugs.
(DCC: The Drug Consultative Committee rejected the recommendation citing lack of infrastructure in India)

-Drug manufacturing companies could be prosecuted for flooding in of the substandard drugss only by govt. of the respective state (where the erring drug manufacturer is located)
(Remedy : licensing should be made centralised)

》Harmful effects of sub-standard drugs
-growing antibiotic resistance
-failure to cure disease
-making poor more poorer

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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