Guidelines for UPSC CSE.

After attempting seriously the question paper of UPSC CSE 2k16 I can say few things with surety that:

Guidelines for UPSC.

1. Make no mistake.

Take is seriously. It’s not a child’s play. (*Cracking UPSC in first attempt was made reality to great extent only because of introduction of CSAT (many used to score 190+ in it & just 40-45 marks in GS would get them through in the prelims). But now, the rules have again changed with making CSAT just qualifying. Given the dynamic nature of UPSC- you are left with very few options.

2. Increase the no. of hours you study.

You have to read, read & read. Besides that you have to revise & keep a vigil on what’s happening around.

And that’s a tough job. To do it religiously for whole year & being able to memorise it all as well & simultaneously being able to recall in the examination hall- sheer dedication.

3. All work & no play makes jack a dull boy.

The no. of hours you study will tend to decrease as you finish up with the basic books. There would exist a sort of resistance & you won’t feel like reading it again & again.

Revision is the most daunting task. You have to manage somehow. Yes, forcefully. That’s the only way.

4. For mood-change.

Go out & eat something. Solve a mock test paper. Attempt previous years question papers. Since you know the answers of most of it it will boost your morale. Watch some funny videos on YouTube or watch Doraemon if you love it. Draw something or paint something. Your hobby is the best tool that will help you to refresh & rejuvenate yourself. So, don’t quit your hobby instead pursue it.

5. Be happy.

We all will die one day so there is no need to regret or feel bad about anything. Being happy will smoothen your journey. The best way is by “not keeping all your stakes in UPSC”. Give 1 or attempt & if things doesn’t work out in your favour then step-back. First get a job or try something subordinate to UPSC. Give UPSC a needed break. Then when you accomplish the above goal- get back to UPSC.

Remember, it’s a journey. Live it. If you miss living- no one knows about the “end result”. Only thing that can keep you going is “It’s not that difficult & Yes, I’m loving the journey & not loathing it”. So, life acchi hai.
With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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