How UPSC makes you humble?

The UPSC CSE is very dynamic in nature. It demands patience, devotion & leaving “some space for luck”.

It is true that solely luck can’t help you to clear prelims, mains & interview in one go. But there exists an element of luck. There are many sincere hard-working candidates who fail in this exam or take couple of years to crack it.

Their sincerity & devotion cannot be put in doubt. One may give various reasons for non-getting selected like unable to update one’s knowledge, unable to adapt as per the exam requirements, etc. but how can one adapt if the pattern changes so frequently?

There is an inherent indication that 2k17 paper too shall be very different as well. The committee to report on new pattern of UPSC is underway. They will soon submit their report & few of the recommendations are to be implemented for the next year exam i.e. 2017.

So, what can an aspirants do at most?

Aspirants don’t have much options. He has to go back & read the same books again to keep intact what he has learned by heart. If he skips that then what’s the surety that next year paper shall exhibit the same character as of this year (i.e current affairs & govt. schemes in extreme- limit hi cross kar di!!!).

Wouldn’t that make you humble? The very fact that “only few make it” instils a feeling that “yes- if I get selected I would be lucky” & I won’t stop thanking God ever.

UPSC is much like Olympics. If you achieve victory – you gain a job, prestige, a feeling that “Sangharsh Khatam Hua”, wo chain ki saans exam ke baad, wishes & messages from friends & near & dear ones, etc.

But if you fail- you lose complete 1 year (even if you clear prelims & get stuck in mains or knocked out in interview).

Also, one-thing less talked about “your youthness”.

When every one took the easy route to get a job (*most people take any job they are offered & become happy & satisfied with it) but with you it was different. You chose to go for your dreams. But since you decided to step into UPSC you are now a part of UPSC’s vicious cycle. Just like vicious cycle of poverty you are in a trap. Only strong & those “Jo Laghe Rahenge Antt Tak Wahi Jeetenge”.

Yes, success will come with a sacrifice. But the tools that you have at your disposal are PATIENCE, DEVOTION & HUMBLENESS. 

You will have to believe in these tools. There is probably no other way. 

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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