The best strategy for UPSC CSE examination.

Since the UPSC Examination is highly competitive & unpredictable so aspirants need to have a strategy to crack it.

There are two strategy for UPSC Preparation:

Best Strategy for UPSC.

》Down to Top Approach.

In this approach civil services is your long-term goal. The short-term goal could be SSC, state PSCs, teaching jobs, or any other govt.

The pros of this strategy are:

Once you have a job- you are no longer unemployed. So, life will keep on moving on it’s speed. Else, if you attempt UPSC & fail to clear it then it adds to unbearable frustration. When you take the exam. when you have a job then you don’t have anything to lose. Your life can only improve & there is no question of “Pairon pe Kadhe Hone Ka”.

So, you can take the examination without much pressure & that will probably increase your chances of selection by 2-3%.

Cons is that YOU MAY NEVER realise your dreams as you might become satisfied with your job.

》Top to down approach.

In this one decides to devote 2 years of his life exclusively to UPSC CSE.

However, if one fails, he gets to lower exams & prepares for them for 1 year & takes the exam like State PSCs. The primary aim is to fetch a job i.e. to get out of the insecurities of life.

The pros of this strategy are that you devote yourself exclusively for UPSC & hence more chances of cracking it.

The cons is that “not able to clear the exam” may add much frustration to your life. And when you jump to lower exams you realise that “Yahan Bhi Bahut Competition Hai” as requirements of all govt. jobs are different & require special preparation. 

It depends upon the aspirant which path he choses as both paths lead to destination. It’s totally upto you. Both irrespective of whichever path you choose- UPSC will let you show all facets of life-

  • Sorrow: when you perform badly or when preparation isn’t going well
  • Frustration: when you cannot recall the facts, theory or concept
  • Confidence: when you perform good
  • Helplessness: when you fall asleep reading the book
  • Hatred: when you waste your time
  • Fear: when exam inches closer

It’s a long-process. So, Jeevan Ke Saare Rang Dekhne Ko Milenge.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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