What really makes Civil Services so hard?

UPSC CSE is undoubtedly the toughest exam. 

What really makes civil services so hard?
  • You might be unware of an aspirant sitting in the remotest village studying day & night.
  • For someone it might be the issue of life & death. So, that makes him staunch upsc aspirant.
  • Someone might have failed in start-up or might be unsatisfied with current job in MNC might jump into preparing for UPSC. He will give his best.
  • Someone might be struggling hard from few years to crack this exam. They prepare better each time with more devotion.
  • Besides, all that, those who appeared in mains & interview previous year but couldn’t get any service from CSE would try their luck again & with more fire in their belly.
  • Those unsatisfied with their Class-I job in GoI will again write the exam to get into IAS.
  • And how can you forget those who have cracked SSC-CGL, State PSCs, PSU-exams, etc. &considering themselves to be a deserving candidate for UPSC.

The list is long. It may go on if I keep writing. In total, UPSC doesn’t just checks your knowledge & understanding but also patience & devotion.

The journey is hard & will be full of bad days. In fact, after every 10-15 days you will have one day when “you will doubt your capabilities” & think “Kya Iss Baar Selection Ho Jaayega?”.

In those days, go out & meet your friends- the real friends. Talk to your sister, brother, & yes Mom & Dad who could trust you for this exam & stand with you even when you fail. Let the silver lining in their eyes guide you to RIGHT ACTIONS & Right attitude. 
With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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