How folks in SRIRAM’S IAS coaching write answers?

Terrible. I was going through the The Indian Polity, Constitution & Governance copies of students of Sriram’s IAS & to my surprise a lot of them had scored 0/50. Can you believe that?

Interestingly, the copies are not left blank. Still a zero?

Yes, that’s the marking norm. If you write a very impressive answer you’ll fetch 2/10. 1 is good too.

The real problem is that most of the folks never focused on writing skills in the past. This is the problem prevalent throughout the country. 

Most quit writing after 10th/12th standard. Do not consider University exams. We all know how horrible we write & how hard do we prepare for them.

People struggle to express themselves in writing though they may be good at verbal communications. 

That is the same reason why people struggle especially in Mains. 

Writing is something on which you cannot get instant results. Just like those not good at verbal communication skills struggle a lot to become a refined & better orator & speaker. It’s a long journey. 

There is no short-cut. Questions asked in Mains are not direct so you cannot write a crammed answers.

So, the only way is to READ READ READ & WRITE WRITE WRITE.

Even your rank in examination is determined largely by your mains marks. Interview is nothing when compared with cumulative marks of the Mains.

Writing is easy for those who know 500 or 1000 most-commonly used words. You don’t need more than that to expres yourself beautifully. So, vocabulary is not a hindrance.

It is KNOWLEDGE & PRACTICE. The more you read & write the better you become at it.

You will find many those who never practiced writing & still could get into the services. Why?

Because they already had good writing skills. 

What you read becomes a part of your long-term memory. So, if you keep reading diligently & practice writing for few months you will notice yourself using a similar writing style as that of “the author” whose book you have read again & again.

Here’s one such sample of SRIRAM’S IAS students copy. 

Question Paper_Sriram’s IAS


The only thing that I wish to convey is that “no one writes very beautifully”. You just have to write above average. You will surely make into services. 

So, focus on reading newspaper. It surely does improves writing skills. Analyse critically editorials. Editorial contains the insights on the art of writing. 

You can leave your feedbacks in the comments section below.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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