How you were looted in a CBSE-affiliated private school?

If you are currently seeking admission of your child in a high-profile CBSE-affiliated school then this blog-post is essentially written with keeping you in mind.

There are few drawbacks of getting your child to study there. Though you may think you are giving your child the best of the opportunities of education – it may though be very far from reality.

Commercialization of Education.
The education is no longer a moral obligation of the schools because it has now become a model of lucrative business. So, do not expect quality education at subsidised rate.

NCERTs are the best books available till the 12th standard for every subject. Though in case of Science, Maths & other subjects you shall need to refer other books as well but there is no alternative to NCERTs. It is due to the fact that they are very interactive, created by a team of professors & lecturers across the nation & it is available at an affordable prices. 

But private schools would never prefer NCERTs as they don’t get any commission for it. Look at the strength they have- thousands of students! Can’t they monetize this?

Any publisher would make significant profit by tieing up with a school that shall prescribe books written by its author. Moreover, it is not just about an school. They are a chain of schools spread across the length & breadth of the country!

So, your child will read books based on NCERTs which shall cost you 3-4 times than that of NCERTs.

The looting doesn’t stops here. Your child will be forced to buy a notebook with a logo & picture of the school. Anything else is strictly forbidden. Those notebooks would be of more price than classmate notebooks.

The point here is that there is a nexus between school & notebook manufacturer so that the manufacturer earns more profit & share a part of it to the college.

There are many such profit-sharing partnerships. 

Besides that there is NO quality of education as heralded in the prospectus of the school.

I hardly remember anything what I read in 6th-9th class. And it of not much significance today.

Elementary education is very necessary but the only take way that is beneficial for life is being able to read, write, speak & understand ENGLISH & your mother-tongue.

Everything else could be learned by self-learning.

So, if you give little of your time & attention to your child each day/week your child will be at good levels without studying in a high-profile school.

Degraded Quality of Education.

There is a mismatch between the fee taken from you & the quality of education offered. How can you expect the teachers to be well-qualified when they are not paid well? 

The profit that the school earns goes back in infrastructure & beautification of the campus.

Infrastructure of school is like a rented place- your child won’t study there for all his life but only what will remain is the education he gets there!

Educational institutions are set-up as a not-for-profit but they endeavour to make it as lucrative as possible & hence the education is commercialised making the future of students bleak. 

So, before you pay those hefty fees of school & get your child admitted in a famed school step back & re-consider your decisions. 

Their fee is many times more than that of professional degrees of, MBA, etc.

Is it worth?

Still, Kendriya Vidhyalayas (KVs) offer you good quality education at very nominal fees. Only the exposure of your child would be less but for that PURI LIFE BACCHI HAI USKI…!!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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