Why 2017 would be a charismatic year for Engineers?

If you are B. Tech from the branches- Electronics & allied, Electrical & Civil then surely 2017 is going to be a turning point in your life. (*M.Sc students are also eligible in some cases)

Here’s why. BSNL has announced for the Direct Recruitment (DR) of external candidates for the post of JTO (Junior Telecom Services) through GATE 2017. What is great about it is that such phenomenon occurs rarely. So, it’s a golden opportunity for engineers who passed out especially in 2016 & those who shall be passing out in 2017.


Make no mistake about the job profile of JTOs. Merely addition of “Junior” to it doesn’t make it uncool.

It commands huge respect & status in the society. Even those who just qualify the interview of IES with few margins get JTO service (Central Group B services).

Not only that in Civil Services those who do not qualify with top marks generally opt for DANICS (Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Service) & DANIPS (Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Police Service) which too are Central Group- B civil services (the only difference is that the former are techno-manegerial while the latter ones are civil services).

Besides that another attraction is 2.5K+ vacancies which is HUGE!!

So, look it in this way. 2.5K engineers shall become JTOs by next year.

It will directly affect 2.5K families throughout the nation. Now, if each family has 3.5 members then the impact equates to 3.5 × 2.5K = 8750.

So, it will affect more than 8.5k people very significantly. 

Now, count the members of the extended family, friends, your juniors in the college, faculty members, your parents close friends & colleagues, people in your neighbourhood,  etc.

The cumulative impact of happiness won’t be less than 1 Lac. So, this JTO phenomenon often called as “Kumbh for Govt. Job” will potentially bring happiness on the lips of more than a lakh of people. 

P.S. though it will take away the happiness from more than 10 lakh people ; (

Jealous Human-beings@@ 
With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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