The most important lesson that Alarm clock taught me.

What do we do generally each day? Alarm clock rings at it’s set time. We snooze it. Why?

Just because we tend to think – आह! थोड़ा और सो लेते हैं। How much is that? 

Just few more minutes.

Isn’t that surprising when we waste so much of our time throughout the day?

Isn’t that ironical? Definitely to great extent. 

You can always sleep an hour or more if you could skip watching TV unnecessarily or chatting with someone about something that won’t change your life i.e. it won’t produce any worthy outcomes.

Lesson from the alarm clock_wiki

This is what I think each day when I snooze the alarm. Why am I doing that?

I sometimes waste my whole day without any productive work. Now I’m just demanding few more minutes to sleep?

Wouldn’t it have been better if I could have slept early?

》Your time is precious.

You value your time when the Alarm clock rings. The same is forgotten in another few minutes. We again tend to devalue our time & begin to spend it extravagantly  without ever realising that it’s limited. 

》Why this hypocrisy?

Aren’t we hypocrite if we waste our time lavishly but the next moment we tend to value those just few more moments we could sleep?

Isn’t the alarm clock teaching us the most vital lesson of life?

Time is everything. It never stops & everyone has just 24 hours a day.

How effectively you use your time gives an idea of how successful you shall be in your life.

So, value your time. Let the snooze button realise you the same lesson each day!
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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