What are the best career options available to you even if you fail in UPSC 2017?

UPSC demands hard-work, dedication & to some extent luck as well. This post is not about other competitive exams as back-up like State PCS, Banks PO, SSC-CGL & other exams.

I am writing this blog post to introduce you to various new career options that you can think of even if you fail to make into UPSC.


1. Your own website.

I’m assuming that you are a serious civil services aspirant so your writing skills must be good (*even if it wouldn’t be you would be working meticulously on it).

One cannot clear mains without above average writing skills. 

So, you can start your own website on:

i. UPSC Guidance & resources for exam preparation

ii. Since you would have read extensively in Paper- IV about Ethics & Integrity so you can set up a website related to Life, taking better decisions, happy & balanced life, etc.

You can start a website on your optional subject as well & it will cater to the needs of the particular optional subject aspirants.

2. Content-writer.

You can write on almost anything in general. With some research you can contribute as a content – writer to various websites. You can do that part-time as well as full-time. Depending upon your writing skills & quality of articles you shall get paid. Currently, the normal rates per article of around 600 words is 300 INR which is not less. You can write around 2 articles each day & it would take only around 3 hours. So, earning in between 12-15K monthly part-time is a good achievement.

3. Freelancing.

This is the neo-option available to you. There are many websites which upload MCQs for mock-tests & practice. Instead of hiring a full-time employee they nowadays hire freelancers & pay them based on per MCQs they prepare. The benefit to them is that they get MCQs which is the result of intellectual exercise of many freelancers & hence overall quality of MCQs increases.

4. Teaching.

This is an obvious career back-up for aspirants. Yes, teaching is always an option but there are few more alternatives to you as well.

Very few know this that if you clear prelims you can directly contact coaching centres in Delhi-region & they can offer you a job like copy-correction of candidates enrolled in the coaching  (by reading answer-sheets you will be learning from others aspirants – note that at least one of them in this year or in future will become an IAS), content-creation (you will get to re-read & your role shall be to refine the notes), counseling, etc. They offer you in between 25K-30K per month for above job roles. Do not judge the above jobs based solely on paycheck.

See by doing them you can remain in the competition. What could be better than that? Also, your family may not be able to support you financially for long & instead of doing any odd job & one which is dissimilar to your long-term goals is foolish.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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