What 1 thing will guarantee your success in civil services?

Civil services is not an intelligence test. It’s the test of patience & determination. It’s not going to be a very short-journey. It will take time & will be full of twists & turns.

Still, what one thing will ascertain your selection into civil services?

It’s habit of working-hard. 14 hours each day is achievable. 

That’s all what you require. Even after selection when you get into your job 14 hours work on most days will be the norm. That much of hard-work is inescapable.
Why 14 hours?

There is nothing special about 14 hours. If you are a beginner then covering the whole syllabus will take time. After that the process of revising, analysis & deep understanding will start.

And it all has to occur in a chains. Once you build thorough base of General Studies things will get easier for you.

Did you ever noticed why some start-ups scale in just 5-6 months from the beginning while others keep struggling?

Apart from market-situations, base also plays a crucial role.

Suppose I’m a person in late 20s & have worked for some MNCs for past 7-8 years. In those years, I cultivated the habit of meeting others, involved myself into self-learning, improved my writing skills, learned how to design a website & digital marketing.

Now, if I start a website on the likes of yourstory.com or thebetterindia.com then I have greater possibility of running it successfully than others who are naive & will straight away jump into entrepreneurship.

The game of civil services is also same. The only difference is that here INDIVIDUAL efforts matters while in entrepreneurship it’s collective efforts.

▪ Those who read diligently the newspaper since childhood will surely have an edge over you if you have started reading it for the first time now.

▪ Those who have been writing may be prose or poetry will have better writing skills than those who have never written anything except on the days of examinations.

Too many factors will play a role in your ultimate success. But one thing you should not forget is that no matter if your base for civil services is strong or weak- you can make it very solid by being focused & working for 14 hours each day till you make it.

Even otherwise too hard-work is essential no matter if you are preparing for civil services or any other examination.

Hard-work is the key to success & that will hold true for future as well. Principles never change with time.

Remember, for success, hard-work is indispensable. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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