How India will look like in 2020?

“We all will have a menial job, widespread unsatisfaction, high divorce rate & late marriages will be a norm by 2020”.

India will be the youngest country with an  average age of 29 by 2020. How India will look like in 2020 will predominantly be dictated by how India utilises it’s demographic dividend.

It would be a very rapid transition period.

As per reliable data India will account for 28% of the world’s workforce. But certainly that doesn’t indicate of a glorious India.

Let’s dig a little deeper to understand that. Indian corporate sector is not expanded enough to capture all the new entrants into the workforce.

Due to which in coming days we shall be witnessing stiff competition comparable to some extent to those of govt. jobs.

Not only that, private sector will also have to accommodate those who are leaving agriculture. They are semi-skilled so can generally be employed only by manufacturing sector. Growth of manufacturing sector is very slow to accommodate these new entrants.

New Graduates: Only possible sector is the Service Sector. But then there is limited capacity for this sector too.

Many new start-ups are coming up but only few sustain for next 5 years. Only 1 out of 10 does. So, start-ups too are insufficient to cater to the jobs for the youths.


To understand that log in to LinkedIn account & have a look to how many graduates are looking for jobs.

How India will look like in 2020?

The above screeshot has been taken from LinkedIn. The employer is giving a salary in between 40K to 50K & demands 6 to 7 years of experience (which is very less if one has 6 to 7 years of experience because if one started in early 20s then he would now be very close to 30s).

You can now imagine what would be offered to freshers. For majority it’s in between 20-22k p.m (which is mere equivalent to just sustenance in a metro city).

So, majority of the youngsters will be doing sophisticated jobs in 2020 for just sustenance.

I can comment on the job profile of Social Media Marketer. You would be paid in between 30-35K if you have 2-3 years of experience in SMM. The skills required are blogging, SEO, ads management, content-management, ability to write viral-content, PPC, content-curation, newsletter creation, info-graphic creation, memes creation & good understanding of all online social media platforms like fb, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.

30-35K is not very less but learning all of the above would take at least 1.5 years whenever you start provided you have good writing skills.


Intern: employers are hiring interns for as low as 2-3K per month for 10 hours/day. Besides that majority of them are unpaid as well.

Employees:the current employees are forced to leaved not directly but by giving them more work than they can handle, not increasing the pay-scale, etc.

It is done because freshers are well-equipped & can perform better at low salaries.

That is why I hardly rejoice when someone gets a job in a private sector-  खतरा अब भी मँडरा रहा है।But people hardly realise that! Irony.

Night-shift: There is not much difference in the salaries of those who work in day & to those of who work at night. The only difference is that employees of Night-shift are provided with cab facility for commutation.

In the coming days may be most of us will have job- but all that will be menial jobs. The definition of menial job has changed. It is not longer related to physical work. If you work more but you are paid very meagre then it is a menial job.

That’s how 2020 India will look like. It will only add to the concentration of the wealth to the few.

Slowly & gradually I see the boundary disappearing between formal & informal sector jobs at entry-level in terms of salary offered. 

Societal changes: It has been generally observed that in period of few decades of demographic dividend late marriages & divorce rate increases.

What you can do?

You are trapped. There is no alternative than to work-hard. Either you can skill yourself with national proficiency or can set-up something for yourself in next 2-3 years.

There is perhaps no other way!
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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