Will India have a war with Pakistan after Uri terror attack?

India can only act diplomatically. The good thing about the govt. is that it doesn’t acts on the whims of the voters who only see war as a solution to the problem (though it tries to woo them often through words!). It is equipped with highly-experienced bureaucrats who weigh all the options unlike categorically banking only upon the idea of war.

War is not in India’s favour though her victory is ascertained over Pakistan. Diplomatically every country tries to avoid war.

The reason being that such wars at this point of time may lead to World War III. Even United Nations may not be able to prevent WW III.

What about the economic losses?

INS Vikramaditya_wiki

India cannot take the risk to fall at a GDP growth rate of 3-4% from the current predicted rate of 7.5+.

Terrorism has grown so widely across the globe that in future it may lead to world war. It’s possibility cannot be ruled out completely.

It is idiotic to say that Pakistan will align with China & it will be a win-win situation because India too would align with certain countries. Both India & Pakistan will form two separate allies & what will it all lead to?

Massive destruction.

When PM Modi said that if Pakistan really wants to have war let’s be it on poverty & other socio-economic fronts, he was very right.

Though constant terror attacks are serious concerns for India but it will weigh all its options.

Just like poverty, solving the problem of terrorism is also complex & bit tricky.

The question raised by PM shall remain unanswered for long,why is it that India exports software and Pakistan exports terror to the world”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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