How broad-minded is India towards Pakistan?

Every time there is a terror attack in India sponsored by Pakistan a question flames out each time.

It’s the question of being so liberal towards Pakistan on account of Indus Water Treaty.

India is at an advantageous position due to being an upper reparian country. Still it just uses less than 20% of the water of the Indus river. Due to which the Indus Water Treaty is considered as the most liberal water treaty in the world.

India- the Best.

Indus river is considered as the lifeline of Pakistan. So, if India stops water at this river then majority of the population in Pakistan will suffer as a consequence of it. It is the same reason due to which India has never considered the option of repealing the Indus Water Treaty. 

The History has shown that India has always acted in bonhomie with Pakistan. 

Even India has not quashed the “Most-Favoured Nation” status to Pakistan even after Uri attack.

In reality India has been very friendly with Pakistan. Such things hardly find expression in the mainstream media.

Just as often said, Indians have big heart. भारतीयों का दिल बड़ा होता है।

It could be verified not only on paper but in action as well.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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