ISRO setting benchmarks internationally.

With the launching of PSLV-C35 on 26th September from Sriharikota & placing 8 satellites in two different orbits, the History has been repeated for the 2nd time!

It was the second time that satellites could be placed in different orbits from a single rocket.

ISRO- India’s Pride.

Among 8 satellites included the satellite from developed nations (USA & Canada). 
ISRO is becoming a pioneer in the cost-effective launching technologies. 

In the future ISRO can play a critical role in developing Space Tourism as it has been setting benchmarks internationally for low-prices in space technologies.

When India’s govt. owned enterprises are running into huge losses & have reduced themselves to liabilities, ISRO has shown a new path. Stories of success, professionalism & collective hard-work are norms at ISRO.
It no longer surprises when ISRO touches a new milestone because it has elevated it’s standard to being the very best & has proved it consistently.

Govt. owned enterprises needs to learn a lot from ISRO work-culture & professionalism then only they can start making profits again.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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