Education being reduced to mere a liability.

Education, what was once heralded as the saviour is now being reduced to mere a liability.

Due to commercialization it is no longer available at reasonable price. The colleges & institutions are being opened just to mint money.

They are no longer in sync with the industrial demands.

Moreover, the quality of faculty in most colleges is very poor as they are hired at low salaries.

You are trapped. To go & earn a degree from a reputed college may require you to sit for an examination & clear it. You may need to join a coaching for that. Again, coachings are no humanitarians. They will charge hefty fees from you.

Education- a liability?

So, what’s the way ahead?1. Post-graduation via distance education mode.

After graduation don’t jump to doing full-time post-graduation. If you did say B. Tech from a private college it would have cost you around 10 Lacs.

Stop. Ask yourself? What’s the Return of Investment?

How to calculate the RoI?

Return of Investment from B.Tech/graduation: assume you took a loan to pursue engineering/graduation. 

Now, after graduation if you are offered a job with 3 LPA ctc & if you live in a metro city then you won’t be able to save more than 10K each month. By that calculation your savings at the end of 3 years would be 3. 6 Lacs (*which is very less! Given that you spent 3/4 years in graduation + hefty fee).
You won’t be able to clear your loan in next 3 years. To be true you would find it difficult to re-pay the loan even after 7-8 years.

So, better option would be to go for part-time post-graduation degree from IGNOU or any other distance learning university/institution.

2. The only way.

The only way out is proving yourself in the real-life. That is skilling yourself, grooming your personality & working-hard. 

Engage yourself massively in self-learning. That will put you in a better state than most MBA graduates who are offered ctc in between 4-6 LPA (*which is again very less as it requires your 2 years of time plus the hefty fees).

¤ Freelancing is one of the emerging field which you can bank upon. 

¤ Self-employment by offering services through the skills you have acquired.

There are many other ways. Explore & start minting money!

P.S. A graduation degree is enough to give you insights into the real-world. After that you must step into real-life to learn how things work in real-life instead of again going for a formal degree. Let the parameters of success to you be real-life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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