What job profile you must choose in competitive examinations in 2017?

Every competetive examination whether UPSC, State PCS or SSC offers varied job profiles.

This blog post will provide few guidelines that must be kept in mind before fixing your preferences:

1. Place of posting.

Your place of posting matters as when your children grow up they shall need better education & exposure in order to remain competetive in this fast changing world.

Getting posting at the HQs gives you a chance to interact with senior-most officers in your department. 

It also gives you insights on how things really work at the higher levels like decision making, policy implementation, etc.

Prefer big cities as more learning opportunities are there. Though you would receive almost same salary (except raised HRA & few other benefits) but being in a big city your exposure would be more. Exposure to new ideas & thoughts can make you more open-minded & thus ahead of the time.

2. Transfer.

Choose a job profile in which transfers are not frequent. Like in IT Department transfers are not a frequent phenomenon. Relocating is stressful. Also, as your children grow up it becomes a big problem as you will have to change their schools frequently. 

3. Field-work.

Every body hates a desk job. But when you would cross your 30s you may no longer be inclined to field-jobs & might prefer desk job.

As we grow old our family becomes our centre of influence: children would be growing then & parents would be inching to old-age. So, your attention is needed to take care of them.

Competition is everywhere_wiki

So, choose a job which is desk-cum-field opportunities are there like the post of Asst. Commissioner in Commercial Taxes in State PCS.

They have to do desk-job i.e. file work when they are posted in sector while field work when they are in Mobile.

People don’t prefer many times police department as the job is totally field related. Many candidates don’t fill up IPS in their DAF (Detailed Application Form) in the preferences column.

4. Work-load.

Choose a department in which work-load is average. Too much work makes our life stressful. Same is the case with departments with no workload. You will keep thinking while sitting on your chair & it will cause “stress”. Being too free is also harmful. 

Also, give due weight to your personal inclinations as some people like travelling, interacting with others while others are introvert & prefer jobs with less human-interactions.

 5. Under the table.

Many people’s preferences are based upon how much they would be earning under-the-table mode.

If you want to make lots of money join corporate sector or become a businessmen.

You will have lots of ethical money then.

Also, with increasing transparency & use of technology corruption is decreasing & it will be very minimal in next 10-15 years.

So, choose what you would love to do over money. At least happiness will keep flowing into your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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