The inspiring life story of Kinjal Singh.

​लोग मुझसे अक्सर पूछा करते हैं कि तुम IAS बनने के बाद सबसे पहला काम क्या करोगी?

“WILL REOPEN the files of some people who have killed my father. अगर एक भी प्वाइंट कम निकला तो जिंदगी-भर याद रखेंगे ।”


This is how Kinjal Singh would have thought when she would have first decided to become an IAS officer.

The story will seem to be like a movie plot but it’s real & an inspiring one.

Kinjal’s father was a DSP in U.P. Police & was killed in a fake encounter in 1982 by his subordinates. 

Her mother, Vibha Singh went to the local officers who refused to take any action. She then approached the High Court and a CBI investigation was ordered on Supreme Court’s intervention.

The journey was hard & lonesome. But her mother always used to say to Kinjal since childhood, “तुझे IAS बनना है।” 
Probably she didn’t knew why her mother always wished so for her.

But later her mother would have told her the whole story of fake encounter of his father & why they used to frequently visit the courts. 

But still the journey of becoming an IAS was hard for Kinjal.

She lost her mother due to cancer before her exams. 

But ultimately nothing could stop her due to her strong determination & will-power.

She became an IAS officer in 2008.

Would the criminals would have ever imagined that वो फिर दस्तक देगी?

She got the justice after 31 years in 2013! Pearls of tears flowed from her eyes after the final verdict.

For more you can read here on Wikipedia:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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