How folks write answers in Disaster Management in SRIRAM’s IAS.

Do analyse the answers & leave your feedbacks in the comment section.

DM_Mains_Question Paper_SRIRAM’S IAS

Learnings from the above:
1. Mostly all folks write general answers. And in the mains examination when you will have to write 4 GS papers the answers would be more general rather than being very to-the-point.

It is only in the optional papers that folks write very exceptional answers. 

So, the main hurdle is PRELIMS. If you cross it & you have good overall understanding of all the subjects with above average writing skills then likelihood of your clearing the mains is very HIGH.

So, READ READ READ & practice writing weekly. It will do wonders for you.

2. Questions asked in UPSC mains now are no longer rote learning based so after reading THINK a lot about the things you have read. By doing so you will not only remember them for long-time but your quality of answers will be better as well.

P.S. 1- exceptionally good marks in above paper were around 8.

P.S. 2- One must take care of the space provided. The above candidate has got zero marks in last two questions as he had written answers in just 5-6 lines though the questions had 2-3 parts. So, make sure you manage well your TIME & SPACE PROVIDED. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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