मैं भी मेहनत कर लेता तो शायद आज IAS होता ।

Most people would be like “ये क्या हो गया? ” वो तो हम लोगों जैसा ही था। What a golden luck he had! But certainly beyond all that everyone in your circle who competed with you will think – शायद मैं भी मेहनत कर लेता तो मैं भी IAS होता।

The society still places much respect to civil servants. They become celebrity on the day of the declaration of results.

But to the core it is all fake! They only try to get in touch with you based on the philosophy – “he can be of great help in near future”.

Choose Pain over Regret.

》You missed the lessons.

You have just imagined that you became an IAS. That’s an easy thing to do.

Now, reverse everything. Your friend or one of your acquaintances becomes an IAS officer.

How you will feel? Yaar! मेहनत तो हम भी करते थे।

So, leave everything aside. What everyone else is doing is none of your business. 

Get back on the track. Work-harder. Let no stone be left unturned to reach to your goal of becoming an IAS Officer.

Else, you will have to live with a regret of मैं भी मेहनत कर लेता तो शायद आज IAS होता ।

It is easy to live with pain because it is temporary but regret is never ending. It will remain with you for long.

So, choose pain.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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