How to memorise for UPSC?

How to memorise for UPSC?

Due to the dynamic nature of UPSC you don’t need to memorise everything. Given the fact that they might ask anything under the sky- the best strategy is to read-repeat-revise.

Fortunately, we all have one_wiki

You don’t need to read in order to memorise. Commit yourself to re-read it. That’s it. Many facts, figures, data, etc. will automatically get embedded into your brain. It’s quite effortless. That’s the natural way. When you push too harder to memorise you make the subject stale & boring & hence the outcome is you forget it after few days!


As Roman Saini, co-founder of the Unacademy advises read again & again from the same source. 

It helps in connecting & linking what you have read. These links act as a bridge to recall the facts, figures, names, etc.

Repetition is the best way to memory retention. 

1. Developing interest in the subject is a prerequisite. Else you will forget what you had read after few days. 

The more you engage, the more things you will remember for a larger period of time.

2. Go into depth.

You will find all subjects stale & boring if you don’t go into the depth. Until & unless you begin to appreciate the subjects – you don’t love it for sure. And hence lose the golden opportunity to learn & understand it.

3. Come back!

Going into the depths of the subject clears your concept. Now, you just need to read, re-read the subject for revising purposes. 

Only revise the points where you fumble usually. 

Restrict yourself to a single source. Revise from it often.

As you look back to a book that you have read 4-5 times you will find it hard to read it again. That’s where your will power needs to step in.

There is no other way! 

P.S. – you can also follow the reverse approach i.e. first limiting your sources then when you have prepared them well then going into the depths of the subject. I don’t recommend this because it will be a kind of rote learning.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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