Is coaching really needed for UPSC CSE?

Let me be very frank about this, “Coaching – not very essential for UPSC as they hardly teach anything at coaching centres. They just give an overview of everything”.

▪ If you opt for a coaching – just do it once. More than once is a luxury. Waste of your time & money.

There is hardly anything which you won’t understand by reading yourself (except some portions of Economics & Geography) which you can do from Mrunal’s website. 

▪ It just gives you an psychological edge that you have took a coaching so you will perform better. (Myth in most cases)

▪ The only good part about coaching is that it is easy to maintain continuity & consistency in the preparation.

यहाँ पैसे रख दो 

The reality:

At the end of the day you have to realise that they are doing business.

If you want to enroll for pre-cum-mains – यहाँ पैसे रख दो।

You face difficulty in CSAT – – यहाँ पैसे रख दो।

You are struggling in Essay writing- – यहाँ पैसे रख दो।

You are not able to clear interview despite after few attempts- – यहाँ पैसे रख दो।

You are facing problems with optionals- 

– यहाँ पैसे रख दो।

You scored very less in Ethics Paper- IV- -यहाँ पैसे रख दो।

No matter -आप कहाँ कहाँ पैसे रखते हैं- UPSC paper shall still remain dynamic. So, its better to prepare well & leave the rest to your destiny & luck. Instead of spending your hard-earned money here & there.

The main thing you have to realise is that the more confident you can remain about your preparation the lesser you will spend on coaching centres.

UPSC is not like an IIT-JEE exam that you have to solve questions. Its way easier than it. The main issue is that it requires more dedication, perseverance & hard-work.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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