Why civil services aspirants must work part-time?

Given the uncertainty factor in UPSC CSE & the fact that many aspirants give their first attempt after 2-3 years of self-preparation indicates the toughness of the exam. The fierce competition makes it a time-taking process to get through the examination.

So, it is advisable to work part-time to become financially independent & to also gain some valuable experience along the journey to becoming a civil servant.


## Giving Back

You are graduate & your family has invested quite a lot in your education. So, you must at least give something back monetarily to your family.

##You are Young

You are young & probably unmarried so this is the right time to save money & re-invest it (may be for pursuing post-graduation, coaching or getting skilled).

##Proper Utilisation of Time

It is hard & practically impossible to study for 18 hours for a long-term. Life has a lot to do with many other things than just studies. Relationships, family, your health & other things also play a vital role in making your life awesome.

So, it is a good strategy to work part-time as you will get paid for it & will also have the practical learning’s which are important for grooming your personality.

Study of 10 hours each day without a miss over 1.5-2 years will dramatically increase your chances of getting selected.

##Fear Factor

If you work part-time then you will not be thinking about UPSC all the time which generally otherwise is the case. It creates undue stress & hampers studies. Since you are working part-time you shall have opportunities to work full time in private sectors, if needed.

So, you can carry out your preparations without fear.

##Working Part-time

Choose an economic activity that will fetch you 5-8k for working for 2-3 hours each day.

It could be providing Home-tution, working as a freelancer, night call-centre job (*do not prefer it as it will take around 7-7.5 hours each day), etc.

It is better if you could get a part-time role in an activity that is economic as well as your hobby like content-writing, coach for sports, photography, blogging, etc.


– you can save money for a coaching, if needed

– you can fill up & sit for more examinations  (job application forms now cost significant amount of money these days plus traveling cost for appearing them cannot be neglected)

– you can be fearless about your future so you can prepare without much stress

-you can create a corpus- not very huge but around 2-3 lacs in few years which you can use for starting a business, investing in real-estate with family’s help, starting your own coaching centre, etc.

The sum & substance of this post is to highlight the fact that studying for 10 hours & working part-time for 2-3 hours each day can go hand in hand without affecting your preparations. So, go for it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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