Red Line Campaign in India.

Due to widespread & indiscriminate use of antibiotics in India without prescription which leads to EXTREME ANTIBIOTIC TOLERANCE.

PC: Current affairs at Adda 247

It is highly seen in India that people use antibiotics without the prescription of doctors or continue to take it even after the prescribed time-limit for the antibiotic is crossed.

To curb this menace & counter it, India launched the Red Line Campaign in Feb, 2016.

It was launched to create awareness among people of India against irrational use of antibiotics. 

The idea was to put a red line on antibiotic packages which would help buyers to identify that those with red lines are not to be taken without the prescription of the doctors.

The campaign is poised to decrease the consumption of antibiotics without prescription. 

This problem of reckless consumption of antibiotics which results in development of antibiotic tolerance i.e. same amount of antibiotic doesn’t results into desired outcomes & it is obtained only when its intake is increased.


1. Shall prevent the over-use as well as under-use of antibiotics particularly when it is not the appropriately required.

2. Shall arrest the declining effectiveness of antibiotics by preventing the bacteria to be more resistant.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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