Why Unacademy start-up will fail soon?

Unacademy was started by Roman Saini & Gaurav Munjal to revolutionise digital education in India by providing affordable education. It’s  an online education portal for civil service aspirants.

Why Unacademy start-up will fail soon?_Roman Saini_wiki

##Great Competition.

Unacademy faces stiff challenges from Mrunral, InsightsonIndia, Byju’s, etc.

(Just like many coaching centers simultaneously co-exist making profits so can various websites & YouTube channels can work at the same time reaping huge benefits).

Especially, Mrunal Patel, his teaching methodology, ppts, videos are in tune with the changes in UPSC. They are unparalleled in terms of quality. 

The subscribers of Mrunal’s YouTube channel are organic. I am yet to witness him running sponsored posts on Facebook. Most subscribers of Mrunal’s channel are through Word-of-Mouth (I’m one of them).

While Unacademy uses the sponsored feature over Facebook. So, inadvertently Unacademy has many non-serious subscribers too who just get wooed by videos on “How to prepare for UPSC”, “How to get into UPSC in first attempt”, etc.

The bad thing about Unacademy is that they just keep on posting on “Strategy for UPSC by….”. Undoubtedly, all clear UPSC with different strategy so there is no need for any serious candidate to watch all of them.

One has to make his/her own strategy for UPSC based upon one’s strengths & weaknesses.

Unlike Mrunal Sir who had just posted few videos & posts on How to prepare for UPSC (though he conducts interviews of selected candidates regularly).

##Donate for Unacademy.

The model for revenue generation for Unacademy is via donation i.e. if videos on unacademy helped you in any way during your preparation then you can contribute any amount as per your wish.

Since, the subscribers on Unacademy are non-serious  (*most of them ) so revenue model is liable to fail in near future. 

Another thing to be noted is that Indians are not generous when it comes to donation. We have such evidences from Warren Buffet’s “The Giving Pledge” campaign.

##Quality over Quantity.

Ask any serious aspirant he/she will tell you that Unacademy videos are not up to the mark i.e. they lack quality. 

So, to be successful Unacademy will have to improve the quality of its videos. 

#Team of Unacademy.

Many tutors at Unacademy do not have any experience in teaching. They had just cracked prelims, or at most joined services as an IAS.

I believe that a successful candidate can surely provide better guidance than non-successful one’s. But it is doubtful if they can be good educator as well.

So, Unacademy as such provides you with a good guidance for preparing for UPSC  but not study resources.

##Affordable Education.

Slowly & gradually I see a consciousness among candidates that UPSC can be cracked without coaching because in reality it is game of self-study. Many candidates each year crack the exam via self-study. Though they also rely on coaching material notes (one can easily get them from Delhi).

##Lack of Home-work.

Recently a video by Roman Saini on Demonetisation of Rs 1000 & 500 currency notes in India explained that new notes will have RFID feature to track hoarding of currency at any place, etc. which was nothing but a hoax. Such things were circulated over WhataApp.

But as a start-up trying to succeed such acts can be very detrimental to the future of Unacademy. 

P.S. 1. Mrunal’s videos are on par with classroom coaching lectures. (I can say this with authority because I have enrolled myself in one of the coaching institute in Delhi).

P.S.2. The Unacademy should develop a better revenue generation model & must provide high-quality videos content wise. They can charge for their services but that will truly indicate the quality of videos & eagerness of aspirants to avail those services. Going on with non-prospective customers shall hurt.

P.S.3. The course on Personal Finance & the likes are not going to be very successful due to presence of Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsay, etc. Their videos too are available on YouTube for free.

Moreover, the presence & success of individual YouTubers cannot be ignored. Then there are many Motivational Speakers trying out their luck!

So, for Unacademy to remain in competition will have to work on the quality of its videos & come up with innovative & disruptive ideas to compete.

Update: Gaurav Munjal, CEO of Unacademy made us a call personally & has taken our feedback. He said that, “at Unacademy we are open to positive criticisms”. He also added that since past few months we have new tutors at Unacademy & it has added greatly to high quality content on Unacademy.

That’s the true entrepreneurial spirit. To be open to feedbacks & criticisms to improve for better. 

Hope to see Unacademy achieving greater heights with our honest feedback.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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