Don’t make your UPSC preparation black & white.

Stress would play a very important role in your preparation. There is no fine line when it becomes over-stress & leads to mild-depression.


So, the best strategy is to lighten yourself. 

Don’t make your life black & white during preparation. No one really knows when you will make into the civil services. This year, next or the struggle will continue. 

Make sure to:

## Pursue Your Hobby.

It could be listening to music, drawing, painting, writing, composing poetry, etc. Find some minutes of time each day to do that. That will make your life colorful. It will add color to your life when you are away from family & friends.

It will de-stress your life. Not only that when you will look back you will see yourself as a mature youth. Who could understand that “जीना भी जरूरी था” irrespective of the results. 

## Assist Your Family.

The baddest attitude of aspirants is that they don’t assist family in any way. When they go home for few days they  bring with them too many books & on pretext of studying free themselves from household chores. Lend hand to your family members whenever & wherever possible. 


“You have to achieve your goal without affecting your responsibilities. You must fulfil them too”.

How you feel when you help out your family members is what will make you more responsible & will serve as undying motivation. 

## UPSC is not larger than life.

It is difficult to engulf failures. Yes, they are painful. But you must keep thriving. One day everything will get sorted out. 


Here in Delhi the owners of most coaching institutes are people who came to Delhi for preparation few decades back. But failed to crack civil services exams. Today they make in millions. Successful. Their life has become normal. They are happy with what they got. That’s how life is. 

कभी-कभी संतोष भी करना पड़ता है जीवन में भले ही वह कितना भी पीड़ादायक क्यों ना हो।

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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