Someone stole my History notes; life lessons.

Today I went to Post Office, Sat Nagar in Karol Bagh, New Delhi to check out the ground realities for “IndiaShouts – अब तो सुन लो।” after the Govt. of India’s decision to ban old currency notes of Rs 500 & 1000.

Since, I went there just after the coaching classes so was carrying class notes with me (I take notes on A-4 sheets which I keep in a register for convenience).

There were two long queues in the post office & that made the place congested. For my convenience I kept my register (which had A-4 sheets at one of the corner of one of the counter).

After interacting with few people inside the Post Office, went out to hold a conversation with the people outside. People expressed their opinions, problems they were facing & how hard their life had become.

It was not astonishing to see children & women in the queue. Had been seeing that in the news. But there were MANY Divyaang & old people  (with no special queue for them though Govt. had issued an advisory to POs & Banks for the same; lack of Human Resources the reason behind).

When I returned back I could find the register but A-4 sheets were missing. I was taken aback by this act of someone. I never knew someone could stole even the notes!!

Someone stole my more than 45 pages self-written class notes of World History ; (

Felt very bad.

It was the hard-work of a week or more.

That person also took away 5 xerox copies of the exchange form (that hardly concerns me it had just costed 10 INR).

## Life Lessons

## ज़माना बहुत खराब है।

You have to be alert all the time, at all places when out. Your little negligence may cost you a huge.

## Negative Competition.

My notes to the person who stole would be of little help to him. Because they are self-written & my writing is poor.

My Modern History Notes_Poor Writing

Also, people hardly read. They just collect notes. How can notes taken by me in a classroom be useful for all? After all there is no dictation in classroom & I only take few points in brief (as per my understanding & convenience).

The motive might have been to at least create an obstacle in one aspirants life.

The same what people do after preliminary exams; posting high cut-offs predictions in fb groups so that it may act as a wet blanket for other aspirants. Example of Negative competition.

## Bad things happen.

The reality is bad things happen. Move on. Stay focused & quadruple your efforts. Let such things act as a motivation for you rather than being a deterrent. 

“आज से मेहनत चार गुना। जितना सताओगो उतनी मेहनत करुंगा।”

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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