Life lessons from engineering that are useful for UPSC aspirants. 

Life lessons from engineering that are useful for UPSC aspirants.

## Last-minute study.

Last-minute study is very popular in engineering colleges. Since, the question paper is predictable so even last-minute studies can increase your scores in the exams.

The same concept must be applied to UPSC preparation as well. If you have 5-10 minutes then

– read a nice article (esp. editorial)

-revise (you can revise 2-3 pagea in just 5 minutes)

-search on Wiki (you can complete at least one topic)

-practice answer writing (you can write at least 1 answer; you won’t be given more time in Mains anyway)

## I’ll get selected. 

In engineering even if it is just 10 hours from exam & you haven’t studied anything then too “Back is unavoidable” if you study selectively & prepare well.


Same is true with UPSC as well. You have to have a positive mindset that you will get selected. It will pace up your preparation in the right direction. Results are not in your hand but solid preparation is.

## Have Patience. 

Just as it is difficult to understand the engineering concepts in first reading so is true with Economics, Geography & other subjects. So, have the patience to re-read them.

## It’s OKAY to enjoy.

If you are feeling low then it’s okay to enjoy- go for a money, talk to a friend or go for an outing. It’s okay to feel low during preparation at times. So, give yourself a break when required. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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