What is the Top-most reason for not getting selected into UPSC exams?

What is the Top-most reason for not getting selected into UPSC exams?

In one word, its NEGLIGENCE

Negligence; PC: davidlaw.com

## Negligence.

Here are few examples that will help you to relate:

(If you do any of them; you are increasing your chances of failures with each passing day)

– I’ll study from tomorrow  (कल देख लूँगा!)

-Just trying to understand the topic & completely neglecting the places associated with it, what’s the current trend, what will be its effect, & also the factual details.

In love with a subject. 

This is the most dangerous. Neglecting other subjects & studying only the ones you love to read. You need to be generalist & not an expert to clear the exam.

Focusing too much on a particular subjects leaves you with no time to go thoroughly through others. So, there needs to be a fine balance.

Not Particular to details.

Be very particular to details. Else you might miss out your chance for getting selected. Questions could be framed from anywhere. If you are reading make sure you are paying enough attention to grasp the topic & guess what questions might be asked from there.

Not getting selected into the exams is result of negligence to read newspaper each day, follow up with new bills, revise what you have already read, to write & maintain proper notes, etc.

In the end, failure is all about negligence. It is not only true for UPSC but also other aspects of life as well like relationships, health, wealth, etc.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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