What is “Missing Women”?

“Missing Women” was the term first used by Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen.

□ It represents the shortfall of number of women against number of males. It is usually measured through male-female sex ratio.

□ As per Amartya Sen’s estimates more than 100 million women are missing.

□ The shortfall of Missing Women is prevalent in Asia, Middle East, North Africa, etc.

Missing women_wiki

The blue-regions in the map show places where population of women is less than that of makes.

Impact of “Missing Women”:

Marriage Market

If the number of females go very down as compared to number of males as in States of Punjab & Haryana then it leads to missing bride. That is less number of females present for marriage than males. Hence, trafficking of women starts.

The way to curtail:

 Better implementation of laws against sex-selective abortion, female infanticide & dowry.

– Cash incentives at birth registration

– Making society more equitable by providing equal opportunities to women

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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