How you must approach UPSC exams?

How you must approach UPSC exams?

How you must approach UPSC; PC: wiki

There are two ways:

1. In Short-term

2. In Long-term

Based upon whether you want to get into the civil services in short-term or in long-term.

 ## Short-term
If your plan is to get into the services within next 2-3 years then you fall in this category.

This is perhaps the best choice when you have financial stability, family support & very less responsibilities on you from family. In other words you are a student.

You can start the preparation in pre-final year & after graduation can go for a coaching.

If you work-hard sincerely for these 3 years you have fair chances of getting being selected.

## Long-term

You have just graduated & your education was taken care off by the Education loans, you have a little brother/sister, financial condition of family is not very stable then this approach is best suited for you.

Get into a job- private or govt. After the job at least study for 2-3 hours each day. Follow it religiously for next 2 years.

The outcomes:

– You would have build a very strong foundation for civil services exams.

– You would have saved a lot of money for your coaching & family needs.

Now, you can afford a preparation of 10-11 months (both in terms of time & money).

Remember, it hardly matters if you get into civil services in early 20s or late 20s. The only thing is that you miss out the chance of being promoted to highest rank i.e. Cabinet Secretary.

What will give you more pleasure & happiness in life than being Cabinet Secretary is that you got into services while not compromising with your responsibilities. 

Also, you have the chance to enjoy the journey. Those who prepare just after graduation make their life black & white in a desire to clear the exam as soon as possible.

You can look back & say, “preparation time was also well spent & enjoyed”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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