Why I chose to become an IAS?

Why I chose to become an IAS?

It was not exactly about becoming an IAS but I had decided that I won’t settle in life for anything less than “my standards”.

My Standards = Anything That I’m Capable of.

## The Story Behind.

I had filled up the form of ASI (Steno) CRPF. Actually, I wanted to know how much is the competition in govt. exams & how much time will it take in my csse to fetch a govt. job. The centre for the exam was Sultanpur. I was not willing to appear for it. My Roomi Pankaj Yadav said, “You must go buddy, at least you must sit for the exam.”

I thought, “वैसे भी रूम पर कहाँ कुछ करता हूँ ।दे ही आता हूँ।”

After few months when the result came I was selected.


And was called for the scrutiny of the documents at CRPF centre, Lucknow.

I went there. But one strange thing happened of which I had little clue that that was going to change my life once for all.

The candidate who was seated next to me asked for my file in which I had kept the documents to just have a look to them. I gave it to him.

I was carrying all the documents- 10th, 12th, B.Tech (1st & 2nd year marksheet) & few other certificates.

His reaction changed suddenly towards me & it was a very sinking feeling. Could engulf it with great difficulty.

 When someone gives you a look that “you are over-qualified” why this?

He asked nothing & handed over all the documents back to me.

The eligibility criteria for ASI (Steno) CRPF was 10+2.

He was right in his expression. Surely, someone with a B.Tech degree should aim higher. It is also true for any graduate.

You can start as a Peon, Clerk, Steno, etc. (Nothing bad about it) but you must not get caught up there. You must end up becoming an officer. 

Because, you must never stay at a place where you are the smartest person. You will never grow.

P.S.1. The pay-scale of ASI (Steno) is more than what an average engineers earn in an MNC as a fresher. But if you are working in private sector no one looks down at you.

P.S.2. If you are looking for a quick-job in govt. then para-military forces is a good option. In my time the cut-off was around 40% (with no negative marking in the exam).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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