Should civil services aspirants appear for other exams?

Should civil services aspirants appear for other exams?

Yes. Below are the two reasons why you should appear for other exams as well:

## Back-up.

Back up mitigates the risk.

Have a Back up!

If you clear any competitive exam, you have a govt. job which can serve as a back-up option. Join the job & continue your preparation. The advantage is that you become financially independent.

Less than 1% of the candidates clear the civil services examination so having a back-up saves you from frustration & stress in case you fail to clear it.

## Entry to private sector.

Entry to Private Sector.

The main advantage is that if you clear any exam like Bank clerk/PO, SSC- 10+2, SSC-GCL, etc. then on the basis of it you can easily get a job in private sector relating to Content Development, Preparation of MCQs, Course Material Preparation, Interview Guidance (if you have good communication skills), etc.

It also opens up an opportunity for you to join as a faculty in one of the reputed coaching centres.

Qualifying in competitive exams also a room for salary negotiation.

P.S. 1. Don’t take other exams seriously. Just prepare for 2-3 days before the exams. Especially, go through previous years papers. If you clear it, it will be an advantage. If you don’t, forget about it.

P.S. 2. Keep giving other exams as well but focus primarily on civil services.
With Great Love,Er. Amit Yadav


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