Review of Vajiram & Ravi IAS coaching.

Review of Vajiram & Ravi IAS coaching.

Not a long time has passed since I came to Delhi to enroll for a coaching class.

I went to Vajiram & Ravi to enquire about the courses & fee structure. 

## Poor Customer Support.

Gestures speak!

If I were to give a rating for first impression you get when you enter into Vajiram & Ravi coaching it would be zero on a five-point scale. First point of interaction in any institution or organisation is the front-office staff. So, customer executives have to be very warm & soft-spoken.

I asked one of the customer executive about the course & new batches. He made faces on this & handed me printed schedule of the course & batch info rudely. It was also available on the Vajiram & Ravi website. I had no interest in going through it again. 

Gestures reflect your mood.

People often forget that their attitude gets reflected in their gestures.

I didn’t wanted to create any scene there so decided to leave.

I came out from there & decided to join SRIRAM’s IAS.
After few days classes started. At the end of the lecture, someone called my name “Amit”. I usually ignore such calls as there are many people with name Amit. But the person came very close to me & put his hands on my shoulder. I turned around to find out who he was. He was a friend from college.

Don’t hire morons.

The first question I asked to him was, “Why he took admission in SRIRAM’s IAS”. His reply made me blush. “Salon, ko baat karne ki tameez nahi hai”.

I told him that the same happened with me.

Few weeks back a friend called me to get him enrolled in Vajiram & Ravi for psychology optionals. This was my 2nd visit to Vajiram & Ravi. Same experience. Alas! nothing can change human behaviour.

P.S. 1. The biggest mistake is to hire people who suck your business. Isn’t it funny that people hire folks & pay them for it?

P.S.2. One wrong employee can ruin the reputation of whole organisation.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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