What to do if you have no big success at the age of 26?

What to do if you have no big success at the age of 26?

Success must be BIG.

If you are working in private sector since your graduation & have failed to see any significant progress.


If you laid the foundation of a company that has failed miserably.

Then civil services could be a good option for you. Still, you can become an administrator.

## Why?

It could be your last chance to achieve something “BIG”.

■ Civil services preparation doesn’t requires huge investment. Just “few books”. It is all about the hard-work you are willing to put in. Even if you opt for a coaching then too it won’t be greater than 2.5 L.

■ You have NOT FAILED. You have gained vital experience as an employee in private sector or as a business owner. You can always add value as an administrator.

■ If you had committed yourself to achieve something “Big” in life & have not yet so far than civil services option is still open to you.

If you succeed in cracking it then your life will change once for all.

“There can be no better feeling than being at a position where your decisions will directly or indirectly impact the lives of millions. It will make you more responsible. It will positively influence you to wake up in early morning & start your work”.

P.S. Civil services should not be a 2nd priority in life. It must be the first priority. If you are a good & hard-working person then why not be in top-positions in govt. & change the destiny of India?

I wish you to be the part of History, the great History of India which will be written by the impact of your hard-work.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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