How to study for UPSC CSE @ speed of light?

How to study for UPSC CSE @ speed of light?

Let is understand this approach with an example:

In 2016 at Goa, 8th BRICS summit was held.

At BRICS summit, the Heads of the BIMSTEC were also called in as Guests.

So, BIMSTEC  (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Mutli-Sectoral Technical Economic Cooperation) is likely to come in the exam.

To learn & understand more about it just Google search Images “BIMSTEC”.


## The Benefits.

@ Inforgraphics on BIMSTEC will appear. Hence, you have relevant & important infos in condensed form.

@ Pictures are visuals & hence you will retain them for a longer time.


@ Its flag, member countries, latest summits, etc. will be available to you in picture-format. You can download them & it will help you to revise swiftly.

@ With this approach you will feel confident about your preparation in 2-3 months.

## Will this strategy work in mains too?

Yes. In most cases it will work as you just have to write answers in 200 words. Most Inforgraphics cover relevant points & hence you will be able to construct good answers in mains as well.

Also, these pics are from various sources & websites & in most write-ups, pics. capture the crux of the article, so, using your common sense you can “guess” other things as well.


P.S. Though nothing can replace the importance of books but if this approach is supplemented with reading of books then your preparation will be solid in a very short-time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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