Review of Economics @ SRIRAM’S IAS.

Review of Economics @ SRIRAM’S IAS.

## Economics.

Sriram Sir teaches the Economics at SRIRAM’S IAS, New Delhi & the quality of his teaching is very good.

The Economics printed notes provided by the coaching institution are written in very simple language & thus one can develop a crisp grasp over the subject without much hand-holding by the faculty.

■ One fantastic thing about Sriram Sir is that he is very punctual (* not all other faculties are on time always!).

## But…

Recently there have been many classes off in a row.

Classes Off.

If I would have been in college, I would have been the most happy person to receive such messages. May be would have forwarded the same to 2-3 close friends & later would have planned a get-together.

There will be no class…

But such developments are detrimental to the future of students & one at the receiving end is fully aware of it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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