Proof that Mock Tests are inevitable for UPSC exams.

Proof that Mock tests are inevitable for UPSC Exams.

Tests are inevitable for success.

Mock tests & Previous years Question Papers are inevitable for any competitive exams. They not only tell us about the “areas in which we need to work” (by indicating our strengths & weaknesses) but also save us from “avoidable mistakes”.

Let’s take few simple examples:

Ex. Albert Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics for?

Ans. First thing that pop ups into mind after seeing Albert Einstein is E= m* sqr. c

So, one may think Theory of Relativity is the answer. But it is Photoelectric effect.

The examiner knows where the candidates are likely to make mistakes. 

■ The paper-setter is aware of the “areas” where he can confuse the candidates.

Practice makes the man perfect.

So, for this very reason, it becomes inevitable to go thoroughly through the previous years question papers & take lots of mock tests. It decreases your chances of making mistakes in the exam.

## How many?

Let time you devote = x

Then, 30% time = Theory

10% time = Newspaper

5% time = Answer-writing

40% of time = Mock test/previous years/Quiz

15% of time = Revision. 

Attempting mock tests is a better way to rectify your mistakes. 40% is not huge. It assumes that after attempting the tests you “read the sections & portions of the topics” you couldn’t do good in.

Rectify your mistakes before the exam.

P.S. Attempting mock tests boosts your confidence. It is also one of the fastest way to crack any exam because same “concepts/topics/questions” repeat in exams. You also get insights on what topics to focus on & what to leave.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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