Why comparison of women with men is not denigratory?

Why comparison of women with men is not denigratory?

Gender Equality.

The basic prerequisites for policy making are facts & figures & vital principles.

The old management maxim “what gets measured, gets improved” holds true. Until & unless we measure the problem in some parameter, we cannot “improve” it. Or for matter, how will we be able to make out that we are progressing in the right direction once the policy has been formulated & implemented?

## The case of women.

Gender Equality.

The women form the vulnerable social group of the society. Hence, there is a need to come up with statistics to measure the presence of atrocities against them. Atrocities are always real but one has to know “how much” in order to ameliorate the situation. Hence, the comparison becomes inevitable.

## with whom?

Human beings~ male or female (*keep the matter of transgender out to keep it simple). Hence, you can compare women with only men who are fairing well (*this is fact~ the reason is India being patriarchal & therefore women were not given sufficient space to seize the opportunities they deserved).

## It is not denigratory.

Gender Equality.

■ Don’t we compare SCs, STs & OBCs with forward castes? 

■ Don’t we compare India as a nation with developed countries?

## The Goal.

Gender Equality.

The comparison of the goal is to bring equality between the two sexes. When we compare SCs/STs with Forward castes, the aim is to see them come up in the mainstream & be a part of nation-building & its progress. 

When we compare urban women with rural women, the intention is that we want the rural women too to excel in socio-economic & political sphere.

## Why not compare women with women?

Gender Equality.

While policy making, don’t we take into consideration of the fact that “which States are performing better in terms of gender equality & why?”. We do.

Every State, region, locality has its unique social customs & hence there we compare women with men. “If the men can thrive in such region, locality then why the women are left out?”

P.S.1. Women & men are biologically different but when it comes to intellect & capabilities, there is no distinction. Human beings we are!

P.S. 2. When women will leave behind the men then we will be comparing men with women, why they are being left behind; )

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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