Why you were never taught what you could apply in real-life?

Why you were never taught what you could apply in real-life?

There are several reasons. Let’s look closely at most of them.

#. 1. Education.

It has been commercialised. Educational institutions are mostly opened to earn profits. Education has taken the shape of business.

How can one earn maximum profits via opening schools & colleges? Let’s dive deeper.

> Infrastructure: cannot be compromised because else on what pretext you can charge exorbitantly?

The sad reality is that you can use the infrastructure only in school timings. Besides that, there are restrictions.

Library is there (*but you cannot miss the classes, so it is of negligence usage. You can carry the books at home (*again there are many restrictions).

Playground: restricted use especially if it is covered with grass.

Computer Lab: restricted use. Inadequate number of computer systems coupled with poor net connectivity. More no. of students want to use it, so, you may have to wait substantial amount of time to get your turn.

So, infrastructure hardly matters. It doesn’t helps students.

#.2. Quality of Teaching.

Poor. Why?

How can one earn maximum profits via opening schools & colleges?
Schools cannot compromise on the infrastructure because that’s what they sell. Human resource is the place where maximum cuts can be made.

Teachers are not paid in proportion to the fee charged by schools. Good teachers don’t remain for long in schools. They shift to Govt. jobs or any other better opportunities  (*higher education, etc.)

Those who remain are the one’s who “accept to work for that salary”.

We talk about talent retention in corporate sector but not when it comes to education. We do talk about it in higher education  (*which is a very good sign).

#.3. Outcome of Education.

You are taught to work-hard, secure good marks,  बाकी देखा जायेगा ।*

So, while teaching the focus is only on marks. How educational institutions advertise?

 x% scored 90% 

y% scored 80%

Avg. % = very good

Schools don’t care much about the other necessary dimensions.

#. 4. Parent- Teacher Meeting.

What teachers tell to most parents? Your child is not performing (*because in their eye’s only the top 1-3% are performing). It leads to an embarrassing situation for parents (*parents ~ financially independent but someone makes them feel bad due to their child’s performance). Surely, the child senses it. I’m a bit inclined to getting away with P-T meeting because they hardly point to solutions  (*the reality is even they don’t know “how”). So, at least embarrassments can be avoided.

#.5. Home-tuition/Coaching.

After being charged exorbitantly, your child needs home-tuition. Why?

If the teaching was of quality then what’s the need of coaching/home-tuition?

Schools have also become symbol of status. Many brag, my child is staying at XYZ school {*this is the most funny part :)}

#. 6. Time-left.

How much time is left at the end of the day after school & coaching? Negligible.

That’s why children do not “understand anything”. They just cram the course when the exam approaches. Hence, degradation of the quality of education.

Now, let’s go back to the title of the post?

Why you were never taught what you could apply in real-life?

Because everything is governed by the market forces. There is no sense of “responsibility” in imparting education.

Results : wrong decisions taken by the students who are the product of such an educational system.

The drawbacks of poor education system gets reflected everywhere – economic, social, political spheres. Even in individual life!

》What to do?

Educate yourself. Read a lot. Use YouTube. Watch videos on thinkers. Tune to the best academicians, scientists, entrepreneurs & social activists. That’s the only way to escape the mad race.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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