Proof that Education has failed you.

Proof that Education has failed you.

The very fact that:

“When you are in IITs, you are thinking about going to IIMs”.

Education broadens the perceptive & vision. It empowers you.

Where is the empowerment when you think it is only when you go to study at top IIMs?

Education has defeated you, if you struggle to find “any other way”. The goal of education was to enable you to critically analyse what’s going on around you.

It was to make you more aware & informed.

The inability or the faith in oneself is the ONLY inhibiting factor. There are many ways to accomplish your dreams.

There can be no more sorrowful affairs of state:

“When people graduated from top professional colleges give excuses for why they couldn’t follow their dreams”.

If education couldn’t make you fearless, hasn’t it failed you?

Hasn’t it failed to remove the darkness & ignorance?

One can carry a false belief that he/she is SMART because one went to top colleges but the reality is “progress stops when you start compromising”.

》Compromising in terms of:

□ Not only monetary but also “what you expect from yourself”. You lower that bar.

□ Quality of work you produce

□ Quality of thoughts you carry

P.S. If people from top institutions are afraid to take risk then it’s a very gloomy situation we are passing through. Because if they are trying to cling to “something” for security then others response to uncertainties can also be justified.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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