What is the economic impact of people trying to migrate from Private Sector to Govt. Sector?

What is the economic impact of people trying to migrate from Private Sector to Govt. Sector?

If asked privately & given the option to choose between Private & Govt. jobs, almost everyone would answer ~ Govt. job.

The private sector is dynamic, jobs are not secure, working conditions at entry-positions are pathetic (* in view of employer “why should I pay you when you can’t do what I want you to?”). This indicates how our Educational System has failed.

But what are the implications of people trying to get a govt. job?

□ Instead of working & learning, upgrading the skills, the choice is to “prepare for competitive exams” on weekends. This results in inefficiency in the private sector.

Boom to coaching industry: substantial part of what professionals earn is directly  used for enrollment in coaching institutes/weekends classes/online courses.

□ This doesn’t creates NEW JOBS. It only leads to concentration of wealth. Only “few can benefit from coachings” as only few would make it in the final list. The end-beneficiaries are the coaching institutes.

No new jobs are created because with the use of technology only few faculties are required to cater to the needs of large no. of aspirants.

Undeniably, it gives economic boost to the area where these coachings are situated. Like:

> House Rent (will shoot up)

> Reading rooms

> Eateries come up in the area due to demand, etc.

□ The whole process doesn’t leads to innovation &   R & D activities which are prerequisite to create NEW JOBS.

□ It leads to coming up of new coaching institutes. Coaching institutions don’t really add much value as far as LEARNING IS CONCERNED.

Hence, great amount of money is invested where there is little value for the masses.

Also, it makes the competition tougher, hence, excludes the majority who don’t have access to “quality education” & skills.

In long-term, it becomes exploitative (*very much). Have not coaching institutes started foundational courses? Where you can take the admission in the coaching classes after 10+2. The coachings aim is to fully-prepare you by the time you graduate.

It defeats the very purpose of HIGHER EDUCATION.

Those who don’t qualify in the exams, again rush towards private sector (leads to exploitation, where were you for so long? You don’t have any experience, skill, why should we hire you? We can only pay you 10K p.m…..& so on).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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