Why Mission “Skill India” is dangerous?

Why Mission “Skill India” is dangerous?

I’m not against Skilling India. But it is a very short-sighted approach to deal with the problem of jobless growth.

Why short-sighted?

Because it won’t create NEW JOBS. New jobs are created by R & D.

Skilling will only lead to “more skilled people competing for less no. of jobs”. Hence, it will increase the Supply in the Labour Market  (which is currently very high). The Demand will not be very much affected. Therefore, it will lead to a situation exactly like “what has happened due to mushrooming of engineering colleges”.

□ Export of Skilled Labour to other countries.

First of all this option would not have been given any thought provided India itself had “opportunities for job for all”. The available jobs are also shrinking.

Another point is that countries are becoming protectionist. Many people don’t get decent job opportunities & they think outsiders are taking their jobs.

Hence, in the long run it is not sustainable.


□ Skill India is good only for the short-term.

□ In the long run it needs to be complemented with more entrepreneurial activities & R & D.

□ We need more entrepreneurs to create more jobs & hence development of business ecosystem is necessary.

If the other conditions are not met or fulfilled, it will only lead to more exploitation in the name of a job where one finds it hard to have a living even after working for 12+ hours.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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