How to clear the examination of AAI JE (ATC)?

How to clear the examination of AAI JE (ATC)?

The JE (ATC) posts in Airports Authority of India (AAI) are highly dignified positions. They are the entry-level positions in AAI but offer a good career prospects.

Job Profile:

The job profile includes communicating with pilots, monitoring the aircrafts in the vicinity, etc. The Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) act as the directors of the pilots.

Career: Many candidates also write this exam & wish to make a career in AAI as ATCOs. People from the top institutions also take this exam including the IITs & NITs.

Examination: It consists of two sections & each section contains 60 questions to be attempted in 2 hours.

One of the section consists of Physics & Mathematics. The other section includes General Knowledge, English, Reasoning & Aptitude.

Physics : No. of Questions = 30

Questions are usually not easy. The focus is on numerical questions (with only few theoretical questions). Only very few questions are of the level of 11th & 12th standard.

Most questions are of the level of B. Tech 1st, 2nd & 3rd semester physics. In my time (24th April, 2016), many questions were asked on Special Theory of Relativity, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle (most were formula based), Interference, Diffraction, etc.

The best way to prepare is to practice 10-15 questions on topics usually asked for some engineering physics book.

Mathematics: No. of Questions: 30 Questions

It was very hard. I could solve only few questions. Also consider that my Mathematics is weak. So, I touched upon this area in the last several minutes.

GK, English, Aptitude & Reasoning.

Total questions = 60. That is half of the paper. This portion is easy & scoring. I could solve 80- 90% of the questions in each sub-section (G.K., English, Aptitude & Reasoning). I had spent a bit more than 1 hour in this section & had started attempting the paper from here only.

Avoidable Mistakes: I would advice not to start from Physics or Mathematics (* of course until & unless you have practiced a lot). Most candidates I had met, had started from Physics  or Mathematics & got stuck in some questions & were left with very less time to attempt other 60 questions. Hence, lost their chance to clear the examination. The vacancies in AAI are not regular. So, you have to be a bit more clear with your strategy.

Caution: Physics & Mathematics questions required tough calculations & many were lengthy too.

Expected Cut-off: For GN category it should be close to 80 out of 120. Note that there was no negative marking.

Results: Results were announced just few days back. That is around 10 months after the date of examination.

Result_AAI JE (ATC).

The written test is followed by Voice Test & Interview. I will be appearing for the interview & will share the experience of the same. Stay tuned.

How I prepared?

It is with me that “what I understand I retain for long-time”. I have never fallen in the trap of rote learning (as life is short so why mug up something that one won’t anyways remember for long?). In fact, I gave up the idea of scoring “more marks” in my graduation because I had learned earlier than others that they are of no use in real-life. So, I had set a 70% + target for myself which is very easy to achieve if you are from UPTU.

I could attempt substantial questions in Physics without any practice  (as I had studied Physics in 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester). I did no special preparation for Physics or Mathematics. I attempted very less in Mathematics.

(* I had encircled answer for all the questions as there was no negative marking in the exam. Attempted = Questions I could solve).

Other section: I usually read Newspaper regularly & I also solve few questions on Aptitude & Reasoning  from time-to-time. So, it all helped. Did no special preparation for this section too.

This exam is not tough. If you prepare seriously for it, I think 3-4 months are sufficient to nail it.

P.S. I have always said PSU jobs are easier to crack than the non-tech jobs owing to “not that good quality of Engineers in  India”opportunities in the private sector. More at

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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