Important interview questions for AAI (ATC).

Important interview questions for AAI (ATC).

Q.1. Who is the current Chairman of AAI?

Ans. Dr. Guruparasd Mohapatra

In fact you must also remember the below key people of AAI :

Source: wiki

ANS = Air Navigation Services

Q.2. What is the source of Revenue to AAI?

Ans. It is from landing/parking fees & fees collected by providing CNS & ATC services.
Q.3. When did the first commercial civil aviation flight took place in India?

Ans. 1911. It was from Allahabad to Naini (around 6 miles).

Q.4. Name the Civil Aviation Regulatory body in India?

Ans. DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) under Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Q.5. What is the spectrum band of VHF?

Ans. 30 MHz to 300 MHz

Q.6. What is the organisational structure of AAI?

Source: AAI website

You must have fair idea about the structure of AAI esp. about ATM (Air Traffic Management) & CNS (Communication, Navigation & Surveillance).

Also prepare usual interview stuff like:

■ Why you want to join AAI?

■ What is the role of AAI (ATC)?

■ How will you deal with stress working as an ATCO?

■ Tell me about yourself/your Hometown/family, etc.

P.S.1.  Prepare in detail about GAGAN (100% likely).

P.S.2. Also go through basics of Geography, Physics & Antenna. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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