Why it is easier to follow your dreams when you are in Govt. Sector?

Why it is easier to follow your dreams when you are in Govt. Sector?

□ Work-life balance.

This is true for most of the job roles in GoI, State Govt., PSUs & PSBs.

IT Sector is exploitative (to great extent until & unless you land up in a very reputed company with great work-culture). You will have to work really hard & the salary will not be very substantial compared to your efforts.

Work life balance will be an issue due to work overload.

□ You will not have much time to relax, follow your passion, hobby or dream.

□ There is no job security in private sector so it may become a reason for your stress if your “performance appraisal” is not up to the mark.

Most people join private sector out of fascination:

○ Great infrastructure & work-place

○ Perks like~ Coupons, cabs, Parties, etc.

Working hard is not worth if you can only afford clothes & cosmetics.

But the real question is: Time.

It would be difficult to carve out time for your family & friends. There is lot of money in private sector if you work hard but it comes at the expense of work life balance.

□ How to follow your dreams or remain dynamic in Govt. Sector?

○ If you like reading ~ you will have sufficient time to explore the world of books. Reading books make you dynamic & help you in appreciating life more.

○ You will have time~ a lot of. You can utilise it to pursue your hobby.

○ You can also do short-term courses in Photography, Blogging, etc. or any other thing that interests you.

○ Keep in touch with private sector friends. You can learn a lot from top managers in private sector. 

○ Never stop reading newspaper. 

 Never stop learning via Quora/YouTube.

## Making Money

You can easily create substantial passive income in Govt. Sector because you will have time.

> By investing in stocks

> By investing in Real estate

> By writing books, etc.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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