Why you must prepare for SSC- CGL 2017?

Why you must prepare for SSC- CGL 2017?


Many in India dream of having a govt. job. Due to very less vacancies & fierce competition only few are able to fulfill their dreams. 

But year 2017 & 2018 are going to be very different & there are going to be huge vacancies in IT, Customs & Central Excise, Police department, etc.

As per a report in ToI dated 2nd March 2017,

IT department 》existing staff : 46K

Expansion to : 80K by March 2018

(may be due to drive against Black Money)

Customs & Excise department》

Additional staff requirement: 41K

(for the implementation of GST)

There will be recruitment in Ministry I & B, Foreign Affairs Ministry, etc. too.

□ Inferences.

> Recruitment of staff in Customs & Excise & IT department would be through SSC- CGL 2017 & 2018. So, no. of vacancies are likely to increase 

> The recruitment may be directly taken up by concerned ministries but the exam pattern will be similar to that of SSC- CGL.

All in all, it’s a good opportunity for those who dream of a govt. job. It will also be a golden chance for those who feel stuck in private sector & wish to get into govt. sector.

# How to Prepare. 

If your basics are clear then straight away jump to solving previous years question papers of SSC- CGL & of other similar exams. Just practice practice practice.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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