How to tackle General Questions in AAI ATC Interview 2017.

How to tackle General Questions in AAI ATC Interview 2017.

The answers given here are just to give you an idea on how to tackle general questions in AAI ATC interview. You need to personalise the answers as per your opinion & understanding. There is no right or wrong answer as long as you can justify your answer with logic or facts.

□ What do you want to join AAI?

I always wanted to be a part of an industry that is dynamic & is seeing a rapid growth because it allows its employees to stay dynamic & relevant to the new challenges.

Civil Aviation is an industry that is currently witnessing over 20% growth per year (23% to be exact) in passenger traffic. Also, reports suggest that by 2020 India would be one of the top 3 players in the civil aviation industry in the world. 

The GoI is also expanding the coverage of air connectivity to tier- 2 & tier- 3 through the RCS (Regional Connectivity Scheme).

So, Civil Aviation industry offers a great career prospects.

Not only this, AAI is a mini-ratna PSU & is witnessing good profits. It offers good salary, job security, facilities, etc. It would  be a very wonderful opportunity to work with an organisation which is on the path to create History.

□ Why do you want to become ATC?

ATC is a very challenging job and comes with umpteen responsibilities. You cannot simply afford to make an error.

I truly believe that the challenges are very vital for our progress & growth because they maintain a level of motivation among us to thrive for better.

□ ATC is considered to be one of the most stressful job in the world. How will you cope up with it?

Stress Management can be learned through practice. Stress is good for our performance but it becomes problematic only when it goes beyond the threshold level. It then acts as a negative force. 

The outcome of working as an ATC would be to become exceptionally good at stress management. 

□ Anything you want to tell us about that you haven’t mentioned in your CV?

Tell something that keeps you passionate. It could be about your dreams, hobbies, etc.

□ Why you didn’t accepted placements job?

There is a small story behind this. Would like to take permission from you to tell it.

They will surely say, “yes”.

When I began my journey @ college, in first year, I asked my seniors about the placements & the answer was that they were getting in between 18-22K p.m. in IT Sector. 

Then 1 year passed. The placement sessions started again in college. I again approached the placed seniors, the answers were the same.

I could clearly see the placement scenario in our time after 2 years.

So, I had only two choices ~ accept IT Sector job or look for better opportunities. 

I stood for better opportunities. 

So, took the AAI exam & was hopeful that my hard work will pay off. And it did!!

To further add, you can say that to get a job @ corporate sector at entry level one just needs 10+2 knowledge (basically good written & verbal communication). So, it’s easy. I wanted to try for something hard.

P.S. Also prepare questions based on your hobbies, hometown, family background, related to your State, etc.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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