Important questions for AAI ATC Interview 2017.

Important questions for AAI interview 2017.

□ What are the benefits of GAGAN in civil aviation as well as in other industries?

> It will help in studying the behaviour of ionosphere over Indian Region & hence will help in the optimization of the algorithms for Ionospheric Corrections in the region.

> It will mark the transition from “land based” to “satellite based” system 

> The efficiency will increase due to direct routes 

> Reduced aircraft separation 

> Improved safety

> Fuel saving & hence more viable economically

Other benefits:

> It will also propel Scientific Research, Search & Rescue operations, etc.

> Generating forest cover Database

> Geospatial Database

□ Name the world’s first airport to be powered by Solar Energy? 

Kochi Airport

□ From when does the aircrafts need to GAGAN- enabled?

From Jan 1, 2019, as per the National Civil Aviation Policy  (NCAP), all aircrafts registered in India have to be GAGAN- enabled.

□ Tell me about RADAR? Which waves are used for RADAR?

It is an object detection system that uses Radio Waves to determine the range, angle & velocity of objects. Radar system usually consists of Transmitter, Receiving Antenna & Receiver & Processor.

RADAR = RAdio Detection And Ranging


RADAR = RAdio Direction And Ranging

 □ Tell me about LIDAR?
It is similar to RADAR but utilises the UV, visible, or near IR light from lasers.

It is the same technology that is being deployed to develop driverless cars.

□ Explain the Doppler’s effect.

If an object is moving towards or away from the transmitter  (i.e. object is in motion) then there is a change in recorded frequency. This change in frequency is termed as Doppler’s effect. 

It could be greater or less than the actual frequency depending upon the direction of the movement of the object i.e. towards the transmitter or away from it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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