AAI ATC interview 2017 experience by Raj Kumar Prajapati.

​AAI ATC interview 2017 experience by Raj Kumar Prajapati.

Panel:  B2

Date of Interview: 17th March, 2017

The board consisted of 4 members: 3M & 1F.

Interview time : 11: 50 to 12: 05

Q.1. From where do you belong to?

Q.2. Introduce Yourself.

Q. 3. How an ATC communicates to pilot? 

Q.4. What are job role of ATC in AAI?

Q.5. What are the functions of AAI?

Q.6. What are the instruments used by ATC to guide a pilot?

Q.7. ATC situational test instruction

Q.8. A Direction Test.

Over to second person:

Q.1. What is SNR?

Q.2. What is VHF and HF?

Q.3. What is the selectivity of filters?

Q.4. What is an image frequency?

Over to next person 

Q.1.What your father does for earning?

Q.2. What you did in gap after your graduation?

Q.3. What about your schooling? 

I had told that my father is a farmer & due to which they asked me: How did I manage to pay my fee in Engineering ?

Q.4. How much land your father has?

Q.5. What are the crops that your father cultivates?

Q.6. What is the issue of sugarcane crop cultivating farmers in North india? 

Q.7. Nearest airport to from your home?

Q.8. What is aircraft speed?

Q.9. What is the flight zone height? 

Q.10. Name the layer of atmosphere in which aircraft flies?

Q.11. How did you got this much information about AAI?

Q.12. Tell me about RADAR?

It was a nice experience except 2 or 3 questions, I could answer all.

Some tips for interview by Raj Kumar Prajapati:

□ Keep a smile on your face while answering. If you don’t know any answer say, “sorry Sir I don’t know”. 

□ Be lucid and perfect in your answer as they appreciate to the point answer. 

□ Be very careful of using scientific terms if you don’t know about them. 

Best of luck to all of you!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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